Adventure Ingredients Enamel Camping Mug

Adventure Ingredients Enamel Camping Mug



A little taste of freedom

Some mountains, hills and valleys

Some water in the form of ocean waves, rivers or lakes – adapt to your taste

A kit list of essentials to stay well fed, hydrated and safe

A dash of starry skies makes a nice addition to an evening adventure

Plenty of nature for providing a healing sense of calm

Mix together and you will have yourself a ready made adventure to sip from whenever you need it! Serve in an enamel mug for that perfect antedote!

This design wraps right the way around the mug so you always have the recipe to hand. Whether it’s planning your next adventure, on your way there or having a quick break while you’re out there, this mug is the perfect adventure companion!

“Adventure is out there!” –Up

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    Oven proof but we do prefer to be washed by hand
    Volume: 10 oz
    Steel and White enamel coating
    Comes boxed in a Kraft brown gift box


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