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Our Story

So when it came to writing an about page, we wanted to create something that reflects who we are and how we got to this point. We’re a photo mad family and since Jack was born we have created annual photo books. Sitting and flicking through memories means a lot to us. So a gallery timeline seemed the best way to share who we are. I mean who doesn’t like digging out those old photos?!




Over the Years


Leah was born in June

Born and raised in Mid Devon, Leah grew up exploring the countryside and pretty much lived in patched up dungerees and wellie boots. Conventional ‘pretty things’ were not to her liking and being covered in mud or looking after animals was where she was at her happiest.


Ed was born in March

Ed grew up in Somerset and moved to Devon at the age of 11 years. In contrast to Leah’s insistence on being outside, Ed would have rather been dismantling computers indoors. Ed however longed for his family adventures to the West Wales for annual camping holidays where he loved nothing more than heading out onto the water kayaking.


We met in October

Leah had just returned from a 10 day walk from Bude to Land’s End raising money for Exeter Leukiamia Fund. On returning, Leah attended a Youth Cafe meeting as part of her role as a Town Councillor. Then bursting through the door came Ed, who was soaked to the skin having cycled for miles to join the meeting as a longstanding commitee member. 

The rest as they say is history!


We got married

After some eventful wedding planning, including the original venue selling up without telling us, resulting in us finding it for sale online! Then two weeks before our wedding there was a major fire in the church, which meant we spent hours helping to clean and repaint sections of the church ready for the big day!

After all the stress and drama though, the day was beautiful, the sun was shining and we were able to enjoy our marquee looking out at the swans on the lake.


Jack joined the mad house

In May, 2014, Jack entered the world in a spectacular fashion. After being rushed in for an emergency C-section, Jack was born to the sound of gasps and one of the medical team announcing ‘oh my he is huge!’. At 11lb 4oz our boy was shoe horned into the only 0-3 month outfit we had taken in our hospital bag. Safe to say Ed was out that morning having to grab 3-6 month clothing! 

Our lives changed forever and our adventures took on a whole new meaning with Jack by our sides.


Leah and Ed quit their jobs

July 2019 was a true leap of faith. We had worked for the same company for a while. Leah had done 7 years as a Designer and Production Manager and Ed had done 4 years as a Senior Web Applications Developer. Sat opposite each other we worked in Agricultural Engineering but had become incredibly unhappy for a couple of years.

An opportunity for Ed came up early in the year and we finally had the chance to break free and start afresh. 

It was perfect for us. Ed would be working as a Senior Developer for a company based in Cardiff and London but he would be based at home. Travelling once a month, Jack and I often join him and go off exploring the beautiful city of Cardiff.

This job meant we could continue home educating Jack and Leah would finally have the time to fall back in love with creating.


From Land and Sea launched

A much needed break from the stresses of our day job back in 2019 led to the first flickers of the business. Sat outside our tent in Gwithian one warm summers morning at 5am, Leah passed time while the boys were asleep by starting to draw  Godrevy Lighthouse. The next morning, St. Ives had appeared in the sketchbook.

Conversations dreaming of a new start filled our holiday. What could we do to get out of the jobs we were in? What did we even want to do anymore? We found ourselves coming up with business ideas and names.

From Land and Sea was a suggestion. It got noted in the sketchbook with the drawings and we returned home. The book was put away and life went back to normal but the name kept coming up in conversation but we didn’t know what to do with it.

Randomly we found the drawings this year and shared them on our sister page, From Tiny Things and we couldn’t get over the response. It felt right. We started creating more and dreaming of getting them onto products. Sat drawing and Jack came over and started sharing his ideas and suggesting places he loves and plans for future trips. Suddenly the whole thing felt right.

We are From Land and Sea. We grasped it as a family and fell in love with the opportunities ahead of us. So here we are, loving what we do. Everyday, excited to begin working, creating, planning and growing which was exactly what we had longed for…

Our Photobook