Making Waves Unisex Tshirt

Making Waves Unisex Tshirt


Hey! Come on. get dressed, we have got a whole world to explore and we can do it while showing off your favourite designs too. As an extra bonus, I am made from 100% cotton which is so soft, I am like a gentle hug.

    Made with 100% cotton and printed using 100% biodegradable, water-based organic inks meeting the strictest industry standards.

    Unisex design

    We recommend checking your measurm​ents as these are unisex and may differ slightly to conventional mens and womens versions of S,M ,L etc

    Size conversion:

    S – 34 – 36 inch chest

    M – 38 – 40 inch chest

    L – 42 – 44 inch chest

    XL- 46 – 48 inch chest

    XXL – 50 – 52 inch chest

    Clothing Sizes

    Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XX Large


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